Hoza has developed a number of products to guarantee the security of valuables, coins and banknotes during transport and storage.

The sorting, storage and distribution of banknotes and coins remains very important, despite the fact that cash is being used less. Hoza has developed both rolling and static means for several European central banks and cash handlers to make the entire process as efficient and secure as possible.

Less use of notes and coins

The convenience of shopping online and paying by debit card or telephone are hugely gaining in popularity. Despite this development, the use of notes and coins will continue in the years to come. Hoza has developed a closed roll container equipped with cassettes for the transport of banknotes, made entirely of aluminium. The container can be sealed, and we can of course also equip it with a Track and Trace system.

Hoza offers the banknote trolley and coin boxes for the banking industry.

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Banknotes Trolley ('Benjamin')
Coinbox ('Penny')