Coinbox ('Penny')

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General specifications

External dimensions:
L 710 x B 610 x H 609 mm

47,4 kg

0,933 m³

Maximum load:
150 kg


Steel coin box for the transport and storage of money. Plastic window in the lid to view contents. To deposit coins, open the top lid. To empty the box, move the blue handle. This opens the front lid and immediately empties the box because its inner walls are slanting towards the front lid. The inside of the coin box is covered with a Teflon layer in order to reduce noise during deposits.

Stack up to 4 empty coin boxes.

Lift the coin box with a forklift truck on 4 sides.

Un-mounted and loaded use:
Number in 13.6 meter truck
Empty Loaded: 228 pieces

Powder coated.

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