Banknotes Trolley ('Benjamin')

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General specifications

External dimensions: 
L 936 x B 726 x H 1100 mm

Weight (exclusief kunststof lades): 
78 kg

Maximum load: 
150 kg


The banknote trolley is a robust aluminium roll container suitable for transporting and storing paper currency. The trolley contains 12 synthetic drawers for transporting Euro banknotes securely. The top mounted push bars make it easy to manoeuvre.

The trolley can be lifted on the long side by a forklift.

The three-point closing mechanism is made of steel and can be fully secured by means of a padlock. The openings in the doors make it possible to scan barcodes on the drawers, without having to open the doors. The transparent cover gives a view of the contents. The synthetic drawers can be seal secured.

The trolley is supplied with a central foot brake.

Tow-bar coupling
The trolley has a tow-bar coupling which allows trains to be formed of up to five trolleys.

Loaded use:
Number in 13.6 meter truck
Loaded: 54 pieces

Castor wheel set
Supplied with two Ø160 mm fixed wheels and two Ø160 mm swivel castors with vulcanised rubber tread. The two swivel castors have a foot brake.

Powder coated.

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