Hoza Logistic solutions at the LogiMAT trade show in Stuttgart 2022

Hoza Logistic solutions at the LogiMAT trade show in Stuttgart 2022

The LogiMAT trade show is to be held from 31 May through 2 June 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany. This is the main international trade show for distribution, materials and information logistics. We would like to invite our customers and business relations to visit our stand (G60) in hall 7 of the Neue Messe in Stuttgart. 

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About the LogiMAT 2022

The ever-changing market requires flexibility and innovative logistics. Processes must be continually controlled and optimised. LogiMAT offers the branch comprehensive oversight of all the main themes within the sector, from purchasing to production and delivery. 

At the start of the year, international exhibitors present innovative technologies, products, systems and solutions for rationalisation, process optimisation and cost reduction of in-company logistics processes, and Hoza Logistics solutions is such a company.

Themes at the LogiMAT trade show in 2022:

  • Materials treatment and storage technology
  • Warehousing and equipment
  • Warehousing and production control / robotics
  • Packaging, weighing, measuring, franking
  • Loading technology and systems
  • Industrial trucks and accessories
  • Information and communication technology
  • Labelling and identification
  • Software for simulation, storage, dispatch, transport, stock control, inventory and archiving
  • Energy, environmental technology, recycling, waste processing
  • Security
  • Logistics facilities
  • Advice, planning, implementation
  • Government bodies, organisations, education, media

Hoza Logistic solutions at the LogiMAT 

During the LogiMAT, Hoza will be introducing a number of the latest new and popular solutions, including:

  • Rx3G

The Rx3G is the best package roll container in Europe, applicable in many industries.


This extremely versatile, heavy load roll container has been developed on the basis of Hoza’s vast experience in the postal/package business, wholesale and production industry. This nestable roll container has an extremely strong chassis, 4 doors and a quality wheel set.

  • Schürze

Thanks to the Hoza Schürze tarp system, the open side of the 3-walled package roll container can be quickly and simply closed off. After fitting the tarp, the roll container can be loaded from above with individual small-sized packages.  

  • Flexo 

This is the space-saving, ergonomic and efficient roll container of the future for retail and many other branches. This Flexo roll container can quickly be reduced in size, to a mere 1/5 of its basic size.  

  • Multy

This 3-walled Multy roll container is an all-rounder and is extremely popular in various branches.


We look forward to welcoming you to our stand. We hope to see you in Stuttgart.

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Hoza Logistic solutions at the LogiMAT trade show in Stuttgart 2022