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General specifications

Ext. dimensions L 1350 x W1005 x H1792 mm

Int. dimensions L1225 x W 893 x 1509 mm 

Weight 163 Kg

Safe working load 500 Kg



This parcel roll cage allows for efficient loading, unloading nesting and transportation of parcels.


By means of tow-tug construction a maximum of 6 roll cages can be coupled and inline toward by tractor. The roll cages stay inline while cornering and hold steady course in any position. Easy manual manoeuvring using the ergonomic hand tow bar and 6 hand grips.

Internal transport and handling

Due to the L-nesting it can save up to 60 of its floor space.

Number of units in 13,6 meter trailer:

- Nested: 40

- Loaded: 23


All metal parts are electro galvanized.

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