3-sided nestable A-frame used

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General specifications

External dimensions:
L 800 x W 660 x H 1760 mm

Internal dimensions:
L 775 x W 620 x H 1570 mm

Maximum load:
500 kg

Available from €80,- (as long as stock is available) 



The nestable roll container consists of an A-frame, two inside hinged side walls, a hinged rear gate and a folding bottom. Each side wall is fitted with a nylon clasp with metal hook.

The A-frame is equipped with wheels around 100 mm (2 swivel castors and 2 loose castors mounted in fixed forks with an opening at the rear), PA tread and roller bearings.

All metal parts are finished with a thermal zinc layer with the exception of the A-frame, which is electrolytically galvanized and provided with a transparent coating.


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