2-sided nestable A-frame (used)

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General specifications

 External dimensions:
L 800 x W 664 x H 1768 mm

Internal dimensions:
L 800 x B 620 x H 1575 mm

30 kg

Safe working load: 
450 kg

Available from €75,- (as long as stock is available) 




The nestable roll container consists of an A-frame, two inside hinged side walls and a folding bottom. 

Side walls
The sidewalls are made up of 20 x 20 x 1.5 mm tube frame and 5 mm mesh (vertical threads) and 5 mm mesh (horizontal threads) with a mesh size of 180 x 125 mm. Both side walls have a metal nameplate at eye level.

On one side, both side walls are provided with an extra recess for a clamping band. As a result, the clamping straps have a wider positioning option.

Hinged bottom
The strongly hinged bottom is fitted with a 20 x 20 x 1.5 mm tubular frame. The bottom is provided with plug-in hinges. The bottom is blocked when in use by a complete enclosure of the bottom between the sidewalls, by means of the sturdy tubular frame. The hinged bottom is provided with an automatic blocking in nested state, so that the bottom automatically comes into use during nesting.

The A-frame consists of a set tube of 25 x 30 x 2 mm with a 40 x 8 mm strip at 180 mm from the front to block the nesting. In the A-frame one plate is welded in for a TAG.

The A-frame is equipped with wheels around 100 mm (2 swivel castors and 2 loose castors mounted in fixed forks with an opening at the rear), PA tread and roller bearings. 

All metal parts are finished by electrolytic galvanisation and provided with a transparent lacquer layer.

Please note that the design is different from the picture.



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