Storing goods in your warehouse for a short or longer period of time calls for efficient storage equipment.

Storing goods in your warehouse takes up a lot of space, which is why you want to use every centimetre efficiently. Of course, this also calls for efficient means of internal or external transport, so that they take up as little space as possible when not in use. Hoza offers many alternatives in stackable, collapsible, dismountable and nestable storage resources for all warehouses.

Safety in your warehouse

Warehouses are characterised by strict demands on safety and functionality. That is why we offer robust steel, aluminium and plastic roll containers with a high loading capacity, often equipped with a central braking system.  

Hoza's roll containers can be manoeuvred optimally and ensure that work is carried out safely in your warehouse, but of course also outside it.

Products for your warehouse

Various Hoza logistics solutions are of great value to the warehouses in the many industries we serve. This could take the form of a carpet storage box, for example, but also a stacking rack or a Europack. These are just a few examples of carriers, but Hoza offers many more. We have both 2-gate, 3-gate, 4-gate and fully anti-theft roll containers, nestable containers and demountable roll containers. The nestable and dismountable containers offer considerable space gains and layout efficiency in your warehouse, and the anti-theft option (which is also available in a nestable version) creates more peace of mind regarding your valuable cargo.

Wondering about the possibilities for roll containers in your warehouse? Feel free to contact us!

Carpet storage box