The retail industry can't do without roll containers: our 24-hour economy demands a continuous supply of goods.

The retail sector is heavily dependent on roll containers and our 24-hour economy demands a continuous supply of goods. Hoza produces various types of roll containers that are suitable for the retail sector. Besides the nestable A-frame roll containers, the dismountable 2- and 3-gate roll containers are as widely used as ever. Hoza has been supplying these retail roll containers to various companies at home and abroad for many years.

Hoza in the retail sector

The rising number of deliveries outside opening hours in urban areas makes reducing noise during loading and unloading even more important. The choice of wheel plays an important role in this, and there are also other noise-reducing solutions such as plastic buffers, which prevent the metal parts from coming into contact with each other.

In addition to these noise-reducing solutions, Hoza works with lightweight materials. This not only provides ergonomic benefits: it also reduces carbon emissions and will increase the range of electric vehicles.

Return transport in the retail sector

In addition to supplying fresh and other products in the retail sector, the distribution centres also have packaging and return flows to deal with. As well as the standard casks and packaging materials, the roll containers themselves are also returned. To make return transport as efficient as possible, the retail sector is increasingly using both nestable and dismountable roll containers. Another reason to opt for a space-saving solution is the limited space available in the retail warehouses.

Circular Economy

It is important that we move away from our linear economy and work towards a circular economy: an economic system in which raw materials and products are reused as much as possible. As well as optimally recycling waste streams, Hoza does its bit by giving used roll containers a second life. After a comprehensive inspection, these high quality roll containers are ready to use again.  We also rent out roll containers that can be used in retail as well as in various other sectors.

Automated (and semi-automated) distribution centres

Growth in online sales, lack of space, imminent staff shortages and capacity improvements are all good reasons for several European retail companies to consider an automated distribution centre. Hoza offers the best customer-specific solution for the retail sector in these automated processes too.

Wondering about the retail possibilities? Feel free to contact us!

Dismountable roll container ('Basic' with 2 side walls)
Dismountable roll container ('Basic' with 3 side walls)
Dismountable roll container ('Basic' with 4 walls)
Roll container ‘Europack’
Flexo nestable roll container
Retail Rolcontainer 2.0 ('RRC 2.0')
Retail Rolcontainer 3.0 ('RRC 3.0')