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Our 24/7 economy demands a relentless supply of goods and materials.

Where the retail industry would be without roll containers is difficult to imagine. Hoza manufactures a wide array of roll containers, roll cages, trolleys and roll-ins for all sections of the retail sector. These range from the A-frame roll container to the demountable two and three sided roll cages. Hoza has been producing and supplying these roll containers to businesses in the retail sector across Europe for many years.

Dismountable roll container ('Basic' with 2 side walls)
Dismountable roll container ('Basic' with 3 side walls)
Dismountable roll container ('Basic' with 4 walls)
Roll container ‘Europack’
Foldable Roll Cage 'Flexo'
Retail Rolcontainer 2.0 ('RRC 2.0')
Retail Rolcontainer 3.0 ('RRC 3.0')