Flowers are vulnerable and need to be transported carefully. At Hoza we have solutions in place to move flowers from A to B efficiently and safely.

Flowers are vulnerable products, and of course they have to be supplied in a perfect state. This often means that, because of the speed of delivery and the required quality, it is consciously decided not to fill the roll container completely. Although this means more resources are required to achieve all this, the service level is greatly increased because they can be transported quickly and safely. Hoza offers the right transport options for this purpose.

Transporting flowers

There are many things to be borne in mind when transporting flowers, such as the temperature control and humidity required to keep the flowers fresh. The stability of the flowers is also important, as the flowers should not be damaged during transport. Flowers are often transported in large volumes, which often requires larger roll containers. Hoza offers the solution: it has large standard roll containers and offers customised containers on request


As is the case in every sector, the logistics employee is very important. These employees should be required to do as little manual labour as possible, which is still involved in the various processes; safety comes before anything else. Ergonomics is also very important in the flower sector. Hoza develops its roll containers not only on the basis of load-bearing capacity, size, weight, efficiency and total costs of ownership; the ergonomic aspects are also very important for people working with the devices. Hoza supplies a lightweight aluminium roll container for the various flower auctions.  

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