For the smooth loading and unloading of your dairy products, we produce what we call 'roll-in containers', tailor-made for the various filling machines, both front and rear loaders.

Dairy logistics always present a challenge. It is essential to complete the entire process from producer to (usually) supermarket as quickly as possible. Hoza offers the right roll-in container for the many filling machines (roll-in containers are often loaded automatically).

These can be RICS for the use of front loaders, but of course also for rear loaders. Do you have a new machine and specific requirements for it? We'll be happy to develop the right solution together with you.

Display function

Hoza's roll-in containers clearly show which products are being transported in them. The RIC used to be purely means of transporting the product. Nowadays it serves more and more as an attractive display for the products. Would you like to present the products more attractively and further personalise the RICS? If so, ask about the ways of making your new RIC come into its own.

Space-saving design

Our roll-in containers feature a space-saving design. This makes it possible to transport products efficiently and with due regard for the environment by reducing movements.

Wondering about the alternatives in the dairy industry? Feel free to contact us!

Roll-in-Container for dairy ('RIC')