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General specifications

Ext. dimensions:

Folded out:

L 2250 x W 1200 x H 1220 mm

Folded in:

L 2250 x W 1200 x H 335 mm

Int. dimensions:

L 2160 x W 1110 x H 1005 mm


120 kg

Loading volume:

2410 m³

Safe working load:

600 kg



The long distance is a foldable and stackable box for the transport of mail and parcels.

Materials used:

Aluminium frame with a wooden floor.

Underneath the box on 4 sides guidance has been added for safe pick up by a fork-lift truck.

Nesting and loading

Number of units in 13,6 meter trailer:

* Folded: 88 pieces

* Loaded: 22 pieces


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