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General specifications

External dimensions:
L 1030 x B 708 x H 1550 mm

51,25 kg

Clearance at base:
180 mm

Maximum load:
500 kg


With its robust frame, the Crate trolley is ideal for transporting plastic mail crates. Suitable for full-automatic loading and unloading. This roll container is equipped with a central foot brake pedal as well as a hand brake.

The firm pushbar at the front makes the Crate trolley easy to handle.

Note board
The Crate trolley has a plate with a synthetic card holder and a barcode sticker on the front.

Castor wheel set
Supplied with two Ø160 mm fixed wheels and two Ø160 mm swivel castors with vulcanised rubber tread.

Loaded use:
Number inside a 13.6 meter truck
· Loaded: 38 pieces

All steel parts are galvanised.

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