Retail Rolcontainer 3.0 ('RRC 3.0')

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General specifications

External dimensions:
L 815 x B 680/720 x H 1730 mm

Int. dimensions:
L 815 x B 632/662 x H 1500 mm

Weight>: 23 kg

Volume: 0,773 m³

Maximum load: 450 kg


The Retail roll container consists of 1 plastic pallet 815 x 680 mm or 815 x 720 mm and 2 side walls and a hinging backwall. The walls are available in various heights.

Your name or logo can be hot-stamped on the bottom in white to short sides.

Castor wheel set
The roll container is mounted on two Ø 100 mm or Ø 125 mm fixed wheels and two Ø 100 mm or two Ø 125 mm swivel wheels, supplied with polyamide, polyurethane or vulcanised rubber tread.

Clamp strap
Each roll container is supplied with one clamp strap.

Nested and loaded use:
Number inside a 13.6 meter truck
· Folded and stacked: 300/270 pieces
· Loaded: 60/54 pieces

Electro zinc plated

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