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Three developments in logistics that dominate the catering industry and retail sector this summer

Three developments in logistics that dominate the catering industry and retail sector this summer

Now that summer has arrived and the terraces and shopping streets are (fortunately) filling up again, we finally see a positive change for the catering industry and retail sector.  This summer there are three trends that dominate logistics. Read more here!

1.  More people from own country, less tourists

The summer of 2020 is different. In short: we see more people from our own country and fewer tourists. The number of Belgians and Germans is considerably less compared to previous years. In addition, this summer will be more spread out by the hustle and bustle at restaurants, hotels and fully booked holiday addresses in their own country. Because of this, for many people the summer does not end on 21 September, but only when we have enjoyed our holidays well and truly.  Research by Cross-Border Commerce Europe shows that Dutch consumers mainly make their online purchases in their own country. Only 15% of online spending is done abroad. This shows that the Dutch are exceptionally loyal. 

2. Festivalization of the catering industry

In order to keep all these enthusiastic holidaymakers from their own country entertained, an interesting but not unexpected development is underway: the festivalization of the hospitality industry. Most of the festivals have been cancelled, which means that the catering industry is coming up with innovative concepts to transform their terrace, hotel or courtyard garden into a unique experience. This festival battle provides a whole new experience in a safe environment with a distance of 1.5 meters. The festivalization of the catering industry also provides a different offer. From extra special beers to tropical cocktails and snacks, mood lights and bean bags. Fortunately, the logistics sector is responding to this peak with, among other things, a rental fleet of logistics equipment such as roll containers.

 3. Online shopping is the new normal

Earlier we wrote about the acceleration of e-commerce goods traffic due to the corona virus. The intermediate position after an intelligent lock-down of more than two months, in which catering and retail industry entrepreneurs ran out of income and the Netherlands worked from home: online shopping is the new normal. Consumers became accustomed to online shopping during the crisis. This requires different logistic processes and warehouse layouts in order to continue to work efficiently.

According to Logistiek, at least 25% of the consumers who ordered online for the first time because of corona will continue to do this after the crisis. Since the outbreak of the corona virus, online shopping has increased by 32%, according to research by AfterPay. This change in behaviour is striking when shopping online.

Logistics products for the catering industry to absorb peaks.

Within the catering industry, mainly 2-sided or 3-sided demountable roll containers will be used.  These roll containers can be rented as purchased as well from stock. In addition, we have recently produced a thousand A-frame roll containers that are mainly suitable for retail and specifically for supermarkets. 

The advantages of A-frame roll containers for the retail sector

  • They are ergonomic (equipped with a round tube, more comfortable for use);
  • The containers are available from stock;
  • The roll containers are nestable;
  • The containers fit in a twin trailer;
  • The containers are fitted with PU wheels: they are wear-resistant, have a sound-absorbing effect and low rolling resistance.

The advantages of the 2-sided/3-sided demountable roll container

  • The roll containers are demountable;
  • The roll containers are available from stock;
  • The containers can be nested 4-in-1, resulting in efficient return transport. This also saves space when they are not in use.

To absorb temporary peaks for the catering industry or retail sector, our rental stock is an ideal solution. In addition, we offer an extensive range of used roll containers, so you do not have to make large investments. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Three developments in logistics that dominate the catering industry and retail sector this summer