Sustainable solutions for a circular economy in the logistics industry

Sustainable solutions for a circular economy in the logistics industry

The new year is coming: this means that many companies are getting ready for a period with new plans and prospects. We can see around us that more and more companies are looking for efficient and sustainable solutions to contribute to a circular economy, also in the logistics sector. Read more!

Saving space in return transport with nestable roll containers

Another way to contribute to a circular economy is to choose nestable roll containers in addition to used containers. Many of our containers can be nested, which saves space during return transport. This allows you to place many more roll containers in a trailer, which reduces your CO2 emissions. Finally, the use of light materials is also a way of reducing emissions. A nestable but solid container with a strong chassis made of light materials seems to be the best combination. At Hoza we grind plastic bottoms to re-use them for new products. We also recycle metal. In this way, we contribute to a circular economy. 

Contributing to the circular economy with rental or used roll containers 

More and more companies are aware of their participation in society. Thinking about buying new products or machines is something that is a result of this. Companies are purchasing used products or looking at rental options, where they give products a second life. This is a strong way of contributing to the circular economy. In the logistics sector, this can be done by purchasing products such as used roll containers or renting them. They are also a good choice when you do not want to or cannot make a large investment.  

Sustainability in the production of roll containers

Hoza Logistic solutions also focuses on sustainable solutions, in addition to used containers, rental stock and nestable containers. We invest in new machines, including a hypermodern new tube laser. Because of this extra machine we produce everything ourselves and do not have to deal with transport costs. This makes us less dependent and more environmentally friendly. We pay attention to efficient production in order to produce roll containers in an environmentally friendly way, thus paying attention to our 'sustainable footprint' from the outset.

Do you want to contribute to a circular economy with sustainable roll containers? Then contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Sustainable solutions for a circular economy in the logistics industry