Production leadership duo coordinates and manages 145 employees in Hoza's 25,000m2 modern production facility

Production leadership duo coordinates and manages 145 employees in Hoza's 25,000m2 modern production facility

From standard roll containers to custom requests for special transport issues: the production department at Hoza does not stand still. With Wim and Rienk in the lead, these orders and challenges are distributed across the various departments in the modern production hall that measures approximately 25,000 m2. Here, employees process a design into an end product using, among other things, laser cutting machines, milling machines and welding robots. Curious how this is done? Wim and Rienk explain the production at Hoza.

Two production managers - does it work in practice?

Wim: "In the past it turned out that it is quite a job to lead our production on your own. Our production process is quite complex. The benefit of managing with two people is that you have the opportunity to discuss things together. We often discuss with each other how certain things can be done more efficiently and smartly" . 

Rienk: "If you have to manage production on your own, there is not many time available to have contact with the employees on the floor. With about 45 people in a less busy period and more than 145 people in the peak periods, that is a job on his own. This personal contact is exactly what we find important. With two production managers you have more time to listen and talk to the employees. We value their opinion and accept their proposals when they fit in well with the customer's wishes".

So how is the workload divided?

Rienk: "I am responsible for the machinery pre-processing; the first department where the production starts. This is where we get raw materials, such as steel pipes, round tube material and sheet metal. Wim is responsible for the welding and assembly department. Using the machinery of laser cutting machine, press brakes, milling machines and eccentric presses, we make semi-finished products in the machining department, which we then weld to assemblies in our welding robot street using our 15 welding robots. These assemblies are galvanized or coated externally where, upon return to our production, they will be assembled on one of our 6 assembly lines into finished products, such as roll containers." 

Rienk additionally indicates that they can take over each other's tasks when needed. "If Wim is absent, I take over the leadership of the welding and assembly department and vice versa. We can immediately replace each other if necessary".

What is it that makes you such a good team?

Wim: "We are driven by the same enthusiasm and passion. That makes us work well together. We go all-in, says he with a big smile.

Rienk adds that they both have the same goal: to deliver a good quality end product and the right quantities to the customer. One way or the other, they both want to achieve this. By motivating each other and their passion for this profession it will be a success.

What characterizes the production of Hoza?

Wim: "Our flexibility, anyway and always! We can be very flexible in our production. This is also made possible by the two ultramodern advanced laser cutting machines in our machining department. Whatever a customer requires, we can make it. 

Rienk continues by saying that at Hoza they can produce basically any shape or product out of steel or aluminum with a laser cutting machine.  "It is a small effort to make a part a millimeter larger or smaller, because we have the production in-house. This allows us to make adjustments quickly. What also characterizes us as a production is that we have high quality standards. We are not easily satisfied with the quality we deliver. We expect from our employees in all departments that they work accurate as they can be. We document a lot regarding to quality using quality and measurement records. We look at our products though the eyes of the costumer. And we are just as critical as they are. Maybe even more critical. Because we expect the best of our products".

Indispensable skilled workers: a precious asset

Apart from the management that lies in the hands of two young and driven men, attention is paid to indispensable skilled workers. For example, the technical department, welding robot programmers, machine specialists and all operators. A valuable asset for a production company like ours.

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Production leadership duo coordinates and manages 145 employees in Hoza's 25,000m2 modern production facility