E-commerce goods traffic accelerated by coronavirus

E-commerce goods traffic accelerated by coronavirus

Sitting at home a lot because of the coronavirus means that the number of online orders is increasing a lot. Postal and parcel companies are working overtime and webshop owners are also running out of time. How do companies manage this increasing pressure and what effect does this have on logistics? Read more!

Growth because of living and working at home

The significant online growth is mainly in products that enable people to live and work better at home. These are products in the field of food and drink, sports, living, entertainment and health. More people make online purchases and they also make bigger orders. Because of the closed borders, the flower industry is having a hard time. Exports have been stagnant for a long time, but are now slowly recovering. Within the Netherlands, however, the sale of flowers is rising; people are buying more flowers than ever before. For Mother's Day, but also birthdays and anniversaries are causing an increase. 

The future of online shopping

The number of new webshops is increasing significantly. The corona crisis has caused many companies to see the power and necessity of being online. Almost 16 percent of the non-food members of trade federation Comeos have started e-commerce, according to a survey in Belgium. The question of whether the increasing online buying behaviour is permanent remains unanswered. What is noticeable, is that the percentage of people buying online for the first time is rising, which means that a new target group is coming into contact with the digital offer.

Logistics challenges during the coronacrisis

For postal and parcel companies, it's like Christmas is around the corner. The number of online purchases is exploding, resulting in an acceleration of goods traffic. The number of shipped parcels increased by 175% in April 2020 compared to the period before the corona crisis. According to SendCloud, a developer of shipping software for e-commerce logistics, the number of shipped parcels increased with all carriers. The explosive growth even overtakes 29 November (Black Friday) 2019, the busiest day of the year. 

The demand for logistic means in e-commerce is increasing

Many companies are under pressure from their suppliers. Due to the enormous demand for products, the demand for logistic means such as roll containers has also risen. A shortage of roll containers at current suppliers means that more companies are looking for a combination of suppliers. Hoza offers a large rental stock of used roll containers, which enables you to absorb temporary peaks. As a result, the investment remains small, but the output increases.

Source: Logistiek.nl

Suitable logistic means of transportation in e-commerce

For the transport of these large numbers of parcels, boxes and large packages, a 3-sided roll container is the most commonly used product. This ensures that the parcels can be moved quickly, safely and efficiently. From Hoza's stock of roll containers, the 'Multy', 'Europack' and the 3-sided demountable roll container are the most suitable options. The Multy and the Europack have nestable properties and have a space-saving benefit.

Do you not want to make large investments for this temporary peak of transporting parcels or other e-commerce purposes? In that case, choose to hire transport equipment from Hoza. Read more about renting roll containers or contact us.

E-commerce goods traffic accelerated by coronavirus