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General specifications

External dimensions:
L 805 x W 675 x H 1780 mm

Internal dimensions:
L 750 x W 625 x H 1542 mm

54 kg

Safe working load: 
500 kg


Nestable securetainer

The securetainer is an anti-theft roll container with an A-frame nesting. The anti-theft roll container consists of 2 side walls, a reinforced backwall, a top cover and 2 front doors. The lower door can be closed seperately from the upper door. The Hoza anti-theft roll container is particulary suitable for the transportation of valuables.

Noiser reduction

To reduce the noise during the processes, Hoza equipped the roll container with a polyurethane set of wheels and provided the bottom with noise absorbers.

Nesting and loading

Number of units in 13,6 meter trailer:

- Nested: 153

- Loaded: 60


All metal parts are electro galvanized. 

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