Foldable Roll Cage 'Flexo'

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General specifications

Ext dimensions* L 804 x W 680 x H 1695 mm

Ext dimensions nested                  H 1925 mm

Int. dimensions   L 804 x W 680 x H 1462 mm

Weight                31 KG



The Flexo is a foldable roll cage that can be reduced to 1/5th of its original base dimensions, but can still stand upright independently. During empty transport 4 Flexo roll cages can be folded into one.

Side walls

On both side walls a blank metal name plate has been welded. Name plates can befitted with a name sticker in a custom layout with own ''logo''.

Clamp strap

Each roll container is supplied with 2 clamp straps.


All metal parts are electro galvanished.

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