Roll container ‘Europack’

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General specifications

External dimensions:
L 1200 x B 800 x H 1795 mm

Int. dimensions: 
L 1075 x B 690 x H 1580 mm

62,5 kg

1,17 m³

Maximum load: 
500 kg


A Euro-pallet sized nestable roll container, with three welded steel sides of 100x100 mm mesh and a foldable base of waterproof concrete plywood. The Euro-pack roll container can be lifted by a forklift on the short side.

Castor wheel set
Supplied with two Ø125 mm fixed wheels and two Ø125 mm swivel castors with polyamide or vulcanised rubber tread.

Un-mounted and loaded use:
Number in 13.6 meter truck Nested: 62 pieces Loaded: 34 pieces

Electro zinc plated

The Europack roll container can be extended with the following options:

  • Base supplied with locking system for lifting on four sides
  • Base supplied with a spring
  • Shelve
  • Cover
  • Hand pull bracket
  • Push brackets on three sides of the Euro-pack roll container
  • Note board/Information panel
  • Tow-bar coupling (up to five containers in train)
  • Two gates (horizontal)
  • Four gates (set out horizontally and vertically)
  • Clamp straps
  • Central foot brake
  • Direction system on swivel castors
  • Brake system by means of lifting the complete Euro-pack roll container
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