Foldable Roll Cage with brake ('Multy')

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General specifications

External dimensions: 
L 800 x W 640 x H 1600 mm

Int. dimensions: 
L 785 x W 615 x H 1395 mm

500 kg

0,673 m³

Maximum load: 
500 kg



The nestable roll container consists of two hinged side walls, a rear wall and a synthetic base which can be folded backwards.


The roll container can be brake locked using the central foot brake pedal at the rear.

Note board

A 175x200 mm blank note board is attached. A synthetic card holder is mounted on the rear.

Clamp strap

Each roll container is supplied with one clamp strap.

Nesting and loading

Numer of units in 13,6 meter trailer:

* Nested: 180

* Loaded: 57


The roll container is mounted on two Ø125 mm free wheels and two Ø125 swivel wheels, supplied with vulcanised rubber tread.


All steel parts are galvanished.

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