Post and Parcels

Post and Parcels

Hoza has a long track record in the development and production of roll containers for the post and parcel market.

Hoza has been developing and producing roll containers for various European post and parcel companies since the 1970s. Whether this involves manual or automated processes: Hoza has already successfully completed many projects in a continuous dialogue with its customers. Challenges with weight, efficiency, ergonomics or robustness? By using alternative materials such as aluminium, plastic, high-grade steel or a combination of them all, we always offer the best customer-specific solution. Our knowledge, extensive experience and modern production facility contribute to this.

Growth in parcel processing caused by online shopping

The explosive growth in online shopping is accompanied by growth in parcel processing. A striking aspect of online buying is that the size of online orders is often small and people want to receive their products as soon as possible. Since parcel companies attach great importance to service levels, we are seeing a substantial rise in demand in this sector.

It is also important for the consumer to be able to track the ordered products. Parcel companies in particular need to know where the roll containers are located.

Circular Economy

Hoza strongly believes in contributing to a better environment. We pay attention not only to sustainable production processes, but also to how we dispose of materials that can no longer be used in the production process. Reusing increasingly scarce raw materials contributes to this. We have opted for a structural approach to our environmental policy and have therefore been ISO 14001 certified since July 2011.

Return transport within the post and parcel industry

As well as transport between the various sorting centres where the parcels or letters are loaded in roll containers, the post and parcel industry has return flows to deal with. These can be returned goods, but also the roll containers that were used to deliver the parcels. The post and parcel industry often uses space-saving nestable roll containers to maximise the efficiency of return transports. Not only does this result in fewer transport movements being needed: the whole process is also made more efficient and better for the environment.

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