The automotive industry calls for robust and sturdy roll containers.

Technological developments are making it possible to take a more conscious approach to scarce resources worldwide. This means that we weigh up the best production methods and energy consumption.  

Challenges in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry there are many challenges to be faced. Do we opt for electric, do we stay with the internal combustion engine or do we go for a hybrid? Whichever way you look at it, all cars need maintenance when they are being used, and they also need to be pre-assembled. The automotive industry demands a wide range of solutions. On the one hand, robust roll containers are required to transport the parts (and spare parts) safely. On the other hand, there are highly specific wishes regarding assembly resources, which have to meet close tolerances. Hoza produces both roll containers, static resources and assembly equipment in the European automotive industry.

What we have to offer for the automotive industry

Within the automotive sector, Hoza always works in a solution-oriented way and we deliver custom-made solutions using static, rolling and (complex) assembly equipment. We often develop on the basis of light materials (e.g. a combination of aluminium and plastic), which has several advantages. Reduction of CO2 emissions and a larger action radius when using electric transport are some of the major advantages. In addition, it offers ergonomic advantages because the means are easier to manoeuvre.

To make return transport more efficient and to save space when needed, our solutions are often nestable. Would you like a demountable or fixed version? Of course you can. 

For companies in the automotive industry we offer:

  • Static and rolling equipment as standard
  • Customer specific static and rolling resources
  • Customer-specific assembly resources to increase efficiency

Curious about the possibilities within the automotive industry? Please contact us!

Roll container ‘Europack’
Roll container for heavy use ('Robusto')