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Work procedure

Your roll container is developed and produced as follows:

  • Your requirements provide the point of departure for developing a roll container. A list of requirements is drafted in close consultation with one of our project managers.
  • Our product developers transfer the list of requirements into our CAD system to become a 3D drawing.
  • After evaluation and a few minor adjustments, if any, the 3D drawing is converted into a 2D drawing package.
  • If desired, the drawings are used to build one or more prototypes to test the roll container in practice.
  • Once approved, we make the welding moulds and punches required for manufacturing the roll containers.
  • The machine processing of the basic material starts as soon as the moulds and punches become available.
  • The processed components are then welded and galvanised.
  • The galvanised components and the other parts, such as castor wheel sets, are assembled into a complete roll container on our assembly line.
  • A full quality control inspection is the final step, rounded off by giving each roll container a unique barcode if required.
  • The roll containers are delivered to the address you indicate.
  • Our project managers supervise the entire process and keep you up to speed on progress.
  • An evaluation is held after delivery.