Mobile stacking rack

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General specifications

External dimensions:
L 2030 x W 1180 x H 310 mm

Int. dimensions:
L 1850 x W 1005 x H 310 mm

50 kg

Maximum load:
1500 -2000 kg



Galvanized stacking rack with TÜV certification, suitable for transport and storing of pallets. The outer dimensions are 2025x1180x310mm and interior dimensions are 1850x1005x310mm. This is a very flexible system that suits seasonal peaks. The creation of additional storage is needed to this easily controlled with this stack racks. Because these mobile racks are galvanized corrosion is prevented, they are scratch resistant and stronger.

This stacking rack excludes tubes, the tubes at the corners of the stacking rack are available in several standard heights. Depending on the stack height varies the load capacity between 2,000 and 1,500 kilograms per mobile rack, the weight of the stacking rack is 50 kg.    When two storage racks to be stacked, to each other should be chosen keeping in mind that the intermediate space between two storage racks, the length of the tube is minus 8 centimeters. This intermediate space is created in that the tube slightly lowered in the rack which is standing on the ground, and the rack which stacked thereon slide back slightly over the tube.


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