Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance

Hoza carries out repair and maintenance on roll containers and other logistic carriers to extend the lifespan of the equipment.

The roll container is an essential equipment in the logistics process. It is therefore important to carry out timely maintenance and repair defective roll containers. This keeps (internal) processes running optimally and efficiently. With a maintenance contract at Hoza, the lifespan of roll containers and other logistics carriers is extended, making it less often necessary to replace these products.

Maintenance of roll containers

To prevent as many inconveniences as possible, Hoza offers a total package for the maintenance of roll containers. Improvement proposals are made on the basis of eye-catching and common repairs during maintenance.

Required maintenance

In case of an outdated container pool, there is (preventive) maintenance to keep the quality of the roll containers at the desired level. Maintenance of a product is not a requirement, but in this way the purchase of new roll containers, which is generally a larger investment, can be postponed. 

Straps and wheels of roll containers

The most common wear parts are straps and wheels. It is therefore important to maintain these parts properly or, if necessary, to have them replaced in good time.

Repair of roll containers

Repairs to roll containers are often the result of damage or improper use. If a roll container is used very intensively and has many transport movements, the risk of damage is considerably higher. The average repair costs per container are a fraction of the purchase of new roller containers.  

Procedure repair

The offered rolling containers will be scanned on entry and assessed for defects. After that, the roll containers will be repaired. This involves various methods. Hoza welds and replaces the defective or worn parts. 

As soon as the repair work on the roll containers has been carried out, we report that the roll container is ready and set it up for shipment to the customer. At the end of each month Hoza delivers a management report which we share with the customer. In this way, there is always a transparent overview with regard to the materials used and the costs.

Circular economy

In advance we agree on a maximum amount for which a roll container may be repaired. If the repair work exceeds this agreed amount, the usable parts will be disassembled for reuse. This saves Hoza costs for you, but also relieves the environment. In this way we contribute to the circular economy. This is a good example of a win-win situation.

Repair on location

Hoza carries out repairs and maintenance at 3 of its own locations and on request also at your location. Our repair locations can be found in:

  • Scheemda;
  • Ede.

Curious about the maintenance contract? Feel free to contact us for questions or more information.