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General roll container with brake ('Multy')

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General specifications

External dimensions:
L 800 x B 640 x H 1600 mm

Internal dimensions:
L 785 x B 615 x H 1395 mm

48 kg

0,673 m³

Clearance at base:
155 mm

Maximum load:
500 kg


The nestable roll container consists of two hinged side walls, a rear wall and a synthetic base which can be folded backwards.

The roll container can be brake locked using the central foot brake pedal at the rear.

Rear wall
Handles are flush fitted to the rear wall and are contained within the overall dimensions of the roll container.

Note board
A 175x200 mm blank note board is attached. The note board can be supplied with your name or logo embossed or punched in letters. A synthetic card holder is mounted on the rear.

Clamp strap
Each roll container is supplied with one clamp strap.

Nested and loaded use:
Number inside a 13.6 meter truck
· Nested: 180 pieces
· Loaded: 57 pieces

Castor wheel set
The roll container is mounted on two Ø 125 mm free wheels and two Ø 125 mm swivel wheels, supplied with vulcanised rubber tread.

All steel parts are galvanised.

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