User friendly and ergonomic working with roll containers

User friendly and ergonomic working with roll containers

Safety always comes first in logistics. That is why user friendly and ergonomic working is an increasingly important subject. The right way of lifting already receives a lot of attention on the work floor. However, this also applies to manoeuvring roll containers. When this is not done in the right way, it can be detrimental to the health and physical load of employees. Read more about working safely with logistic equipment such as roll containers. 

Working healthily and safely with roll containers

Employees who work with logistic equipment can prevent physical overload or injury by adopting a safe working posture and using the right materials. Roll containers, for instance, can vary in weight from 33 kg to as much as 135 kg. Moving roll containers, especially when several are involved, can be quite demanding. 

Less pinch hazard or workload

Health and safety (pinch hazard) and ergonomics are important topics in logistics. Ergonomic solutions include a foot pedal, which can be used to lift, lock and unlock the bottom of a roll container. As a company, it is important to think about ergonomics and health & safety issues in the development and production or rental of roll containers. This can often be done together with the manufactor of roll containers.

User friendly and ergonomic roll containers on demand

Hoza Logistic solutions gladly thinks along with you about user friendly and ergonomic solutions of roll containers. When we develop our roll containers, we always take into account the safety and use of the products by your employees. In cooperation with our customers, we like to look for a suitable solution to prevent physical strain or injury.

Would you like advice on user friendly and ergonomic roll container solutions? Then contact us to discuss the possibilities!

User friendly and ergonomic working with roll containers