New at Hoza: space-saving logistics solutions!

New at Hoza: space-saving logistics solutions!

We recently introduced three new products to our range. Two roll containers and a mobile stacking rack. The roll containers offer space-saving solutions and the new mobile stacking rack is a flexible solution for seasonal peaks. We will tell you briefly about the specifications of these new products!

Saving space with the Multy roll container












Our high-quality Multy roll container has a strong chassis and a robust construction. It is nestable and therefore saves space during return transport. It is also lightweight and has noise-reducing wheels with a rubber tread.

The reducible Flexo roll container












Developed by our own engineers: the Flexo roll container. The Flexo roll container is known for the fact that it can be reduced to one fifth of its original size. In this way, four Flexo containers can be folded into one during return transport. In addition, there is the option to personalise the nameplate with your own logo. 

Flexibility through mobile stacking racks












The latest addition to our range is the galvanised stacking rack with TÜV certification! This highly flexible system is suitable for transport and pallet storage. Ideal for seasonal peaks. The mobile stacking racks are rustproof, scratch-resistant and strong.

Are you interested in purchasing one of these new products? Or would you like to know more about these logistic products? Please contact us!



New at Hoza: space-saving logistics solutions!