From idea via 3D drawings to suitable prototypes by our own engineers at Hoza Logistic solutions

From idea via 3D drawings to suitable prototypes by our own engineers at Hoza Logistic solutions

From idea via 3D drawings to suitable prototypes by our own engineers at Hoza Logistic solutions


Without a sketch and a prototype there is no product, but without an engineering department there are no sketches and prototypes! To illustrate this interaction, Alwin Koopsen, Manager of Engineering at Hoza, explains how he converts customer wishes into drawings and suitable prototypes.

The production of logistics equipment: how it works

When one of our sales advisors has a meeting with a customer to discuss a possible cooperation, he comes back with a Program of Requirements (PoR). This package goes straight to our engineers, so that they can convert it into the first concepts and drawings, which then go back to the customer. Based on these drawings, we make one or sometimes several prototypes. Is the customer satisfied? Then it will be immediately taken into operation and produced in our own production hall in Scheemda.









Functional, manufacturable and payable: the challenge of engineering

As an engineer, it is important to translate the program of requirements into a functional, manufacturable and cost-efficient product. Alwin Koopsen, Manager of Engineering at Hoza, has been translating customer wishes into 3D drawings and prototypes for more than eight years. According to Alwin, the strength is simplicity, but practice has shown that products that seem simple are the ones that have gone through the most development. The challenge is the combination that the product must be easy to produce in large numbers, preferably with our own production resources, must be able to withstand rough handling and the cost per product must fall within the customer's budget.

From customer requirements to drawings and prototypes

Alwin: "When a customer or market request comes in, we check with our sales advisors if we have received similar requests and questions in the past. Ideally, we come up with a suitable solution in the form of one of our current products, so that we can help the customer quickly. Is this not suitable? Then it's time for customisation by me as an engineer". 







Benefits of Hoza's own production facility

Alwin: "At Hoza, we are good at creating specials, because we are very flexible. After all, the production hall where my design is made into a product is only a few metres from the office and my workplace. In my opinion, the benefits of our own production facility are

  • Fast switching
  • Simple adjustments where necessary
  • Fast delivery of high-quality prototypes

Developing suitable prototypes for roll containers

The benefit of creating prototypes is the fact that small issues, such as parts that are difficult to produce or assemble, will always turn out. In addition, a prototype gives the customer and his own internal organisation a better idea of the future product and the opportunity to test this product within his own logistical system. Finally, a prototype ensures a well-functioning end product.

Interaction between engineering and manufacturing

The benefit of Engineering and manufacturing at the same location, is that as an Engineer you can work closely with the production staff.
Whereas the engineers provide the product knowledge, the employees in the production hall have production knowledge. Alwin: "I draw something once, but the production staff have the product through their hands several times over a longer period of time. When they have ideas how we can produce the product better, cheaper or easier? Then I would definitely be open to that suggestion.

Why engineer at Hoza?

The best thing about this work is the fact that I can walk straight into the production hall. You see the product that you design change from a drawing into a physical product, which companies use to solve logistical problems. That makes me very happy!

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From idea via 3D drawings to suitable prototypes by our own engineers at Hoza Logistic solutions