Revolutionary development: Retail Roll Container 2.0

Revolutionary development: Retail Roll Container 2.0

Hoza has developed the revolutionary Retail Roll Container 2.0 as an efficient and effective solution for the retail sector. The innovative foldable bottom is made of 100% synthetic and recyclable material.

The Retail Roll Container 2.0 has two mounted steel grid sides, available in the following heights: 1350 mm - 1450 mm - 1500 mm - 1580 mm. The Retail Roll Container 2.0 is also available with three sides.

A unique system offering the following advantages:

  • Saves space during transport and storage when not in use
  • Nesting saves time
  • Less transport movements due to folded (return) transport
  • Light weight, which means a reduction in CO2 and lower fuel costs
  • Easy and light to use
  • High quality, extended lifespan, 100% recyclable, conforming to HACCP standards
  • Product recognition: individual colouring of the base and graphics possible (enquire about the options)
  • Even when nested the Retail Roll Containers 2.0 are easy to move
  • Moveable via transport conveyer belts

Want to know more about the Retail Roll Container 2.0? Our account managers will be happy to tell you everything you need to know.